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    Low back pain is the 3rd highest reason people seek out a healthcare professional. Pain in this region is most often due to acute and chronic strains of the postural muscles supporting the low back area. Strains can result from a single episode of muscle overload but also frequently result from cumulative stress as well. In worse off cases, there can be disc herniations or degenerative osteophytes compressing nerve roots resulting in sciatica. Regardless of the cause of your low back pain, treatment is vital in order to prevent de-conditioning and degeneration if left untreated.

    At Sports Performance Chiropractic we provide the latest in evidenced based treatments to help alleviate LOWER BACK PAIN and get you back to living your life pain free! 631-875-3993 to learn more about our treatment methods and to set up an appointment.


    What do people say about us?

    • Dr. Kennedy and his team not only fixed me quickly, he gave me the knowledge to keep myself fixed! Loved his tailored approach to medicine and wellness. I have never met a medical professional/team that is more knowledgeable than this one. There is good medicine and then there is great medicine… And then there is this!

      Nicholas Darcangelo
    • Highly recommend Dr. Kennedy for any chiropractic needs! He’s attentive, very knowledgeable, and really helped me with my back/shoulder issues through adjustments, cupping, at-home exercises, and so much more. Always felt like a hundred bucks after our sessions!

      Gina Paik
    • I came in to Dr. Kennedy’s office unable to walk upright due to serious hip/back pain due to a fall from a horse. Dr. Kennedy was amazing, he had me walking properly in 2 visits and competing my horse again in two weeks. He is the BEST! Thank you Dr. Kennedy!!!!!


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